About Elyse


Since youth, I have been interested in the elements of Chinese Medicine but didn't know of its existence. I moved to San Francisco after graduating from the University of Virginia and tried acupuncture for the first time. I enjoyed it but didn't keep up with it for long. One year later, a life threatening car accident rendered me immobile for two weeks. Once partially mobile, I visited my acupuncturist again and she proceeded to peel back the layers of pain, tension, and trauma with acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha. Within two months, I recovered and haven't had any residual effects since.

Through the dialogue with my acupuncturist, I realized this system of medicine embodied what interested me from an early age and could benefit so many people. Fortunately, one of the oldest and best programs in the country was in San Francisco, at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

While completing this rigorous 4 year Master's program, I also studied with several masterful practitioners in the Bay area including Bob Levine, Dr. Kang, Brian LeForgia, and Angela Wu. They graciously shared knowledge of in-depth pulse techniques, specialized herbal formulation, treatment for chronic degenerative diseases, and fertility.

I sought further post graduate expertise through five months of study at ZheJiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicine Hospitals in Hangzhou, China, and one year of intensive meditation study in India. Eager to apply my knowledge but also craving more guidance in how to be most effective, I was grateful to be accepted into the clinic of master Chinese medicine physician Cynthia Wallace as her apprentice for 5 years. Through this experience with Cynthia, I honed what it means to truly treat the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. I also further developed my ability to address the main concern at hand, while simultaneously addressing future health and establish long term wellness. If the root of the problem is not properly addressed, symptoms treated may disappear, but others will appear somewhere else later on. To truly resolve an imbalance, a skillful lens and alert persistence must be used.

I have also been immensely fortunate to study extensively with Jeffrey Yuen, a 88th generation Daoist Priest who downloads his Chinese medicine tradition with heart, clarity, and immense spirit. Due to Cynthia and Jeffrey's teachings, I'm one of the few local practitioners working from the Classical Chinese medicine perspective and applying the 5 channel systems (sinew, luo, primary, divergent, and extraordinary). The 5 channel systems provide great flexibility to address the duration and depth of an imbalance and offer complete resolution. I've complimented this base with the amazingly effective Master Tung acupuncture system and Dr. Tan Balance Method.

I moved to the Raleigh-Durham area in 2011 and have enjoyed creating community here ever since.


I am so grateful for the immense influence each has had on my practice

  • Cynthia Wallace: My guiding light. For me, she illuminates how to practice from the heart of the medicine. My practice is a direct reflection of this. I work to harness the potency of the medicine to offer peace, health and humanity to individuals and the community. 

  • Jeffrey Yuen: Classical Chinese medicine

  • Bob Levine: Pulse diagnosis, herbal medicine, acupuncture

  • Brian LaForgia: Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

  • Susan Johnson: Acupuncture, Master Tung points

  • Dr. Kang: Herbal medicine, acupuncture

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