Elyse Beffa, L.Ac, Dipl.OM

Ultimately, healing must come from within. The ultimate question is how peaceful do you feel in your life? Divine harmony comes when you settle the inner unrest to a state of peace. If peaceful, all those around you are peaceful.
— Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Daoist Priest

I offer highly personalized acupuncture and herbal treatment for primary care, autoimmune disorders, chronic degenerative conditions, women's issues, fertility, pain, digestive disorders, allergies, depression, and stress. I integrate additional techniques of Chinese Medicine to wholly address your conditions.

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system that offers primary care addressing individual needs, treats acute and chronic degenerative conditions, and focuses on establishing and maintaining health. Ideally, one uses Chinese Medicine as preventive care and health maintenance. Chinese Medicine offers the opportunity to address imbalances early and avoid pathology.

But more often than not, pain or disease motivates one to seek treatment. If conditions manifest and become chronic, Chinese Medicine treats individuals with imbalances rather than treating diseases. Each person is an individual experiencing an imbalance. Chinese medicine’s diagnostics reveal the root causative factor of the imbalance and work to redress both the symptoms and the pathological process that gives rise to it.

The body is a natural healer. Chinese Medicine honors the interdependence of body, mind and spirit and the inherent healing capacity of each person. Chinese Medicine encourages the healing capacity innate within us to restore health. This is a truly natural medicine and, in the skilled practitioner, elicits and enhances your body’s ability to heal itself.





Involves placing very fine sterile needles into specific points on the body to stimulate Qi flow, treat a multitude of ailments, and improve well-being


Herbal Medicine

Based on a 2000-year old tradition of combining herbs to create formulas to support the body's self-healing mechanisms. Each formula is tailored to the individual’s needs


Pulse Diagnosis

Taking over 18 different pulses to understand individual organ function, the dynamic harmony of Yin and Yang, and to tailor a personalized treatment approach


Gua Sha

Uses a smooth rounded edge tool to apply short brisk strokes to promote normal micro-circulation to muscles and organs, revitalize fascia, and relieve pain



Involves the burning of an herb, mugwort, above acupuncture points to infuse yang qi and warmth, enhance qi and blood flow, expel cold or pain, and improve overall vitality


Placing a specialized "cup” onto specific points on the body, and applying gentle vacuum, to breakup qi stagnation, stimulate blood flow, cleanse toxins, and relieve pain



It is very difficult to put into words how much acupuncture, oriental medicine and Elyse have changed my life. When I first met Elyse, my husband and I had been struggling with fertility for a couple of years and we were desperate. We were both frustrated with the process and with each other. We both sort of looked at acupuncture and oriental medicine as a last resort. Little did I know that Elyse would introduce me to a whole new way of looking at my health and my life...
— Leigh


About Elyse

I offer Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbs specifically designed for the individual to reach and maintain balance. Since Chinese Medicine helped me recover from a near fatal car accident, I’ve been inspired to offer its benefits to others. Internships with Masters as well as postgraduate work in China's hospitals prepared me to treat a broad spectrum of cases. In 2006, I had the immeasurable benefit of having a private practice with my mentor and teacher, Cynthia Wallace, in Virginia Beach. Since 2011, I am honored and excited to offer Classical Chinese Medicine to the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex area.

I practice general medicine treating acute to chronic degenerative conditions for all ages from infants to elderly. I empower clients with knowledge about self-care and how to synchronize one’s lifestyle choices with health and longevity. Chinese Medicine’s diagnostic techniques like pulse, tongue and meridian evaluation offer me the tools to detect subtle imbalances and tailor each treatment to the individual’s needs. Key components of treatment include honoring the interdependence of body, mind and spirit as well as educating clients on beneficial nutrition, exercise and meditation to continue treatment benefits at home.